Diffuser – Grey HandBlown Glass

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Another great find!
Great diffuser with rotating color!
This Marble Grey Glass is handblown and individually crafted – no two are alike.
Enjoy all of the benefits that this beautiful diffuser has to offer.

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Grey Handblown Glass Diffuser.  It is individually crafted and no two are exactly the same. Another great find!  Beautiful rotating colors!

Enjoy all of the benefits that this diffuser has to offer. It is beautiful and functional.  It can also be used in all areas of the house.

After a long day, your home should offer a respite from the craziness and provide an opportunity to rejuvenate. If you’re constantly looking for a boost at the end of your day, essential oils can help relieve stress and increase your peace, calm and energy or help to relax you for the night.

Beyond adding an aroma to a room, essential oils provide many diverse benefits. Using a diffuser is an easy way to disperse them so that their scent can fill a room with the natural oils.  Some of our favorite blends include:  Bandits Wellness Blend, Pure Joy and Citrus Delight.

When it comes to the benefits of using essential oil diffusers, this is best way to use essential oils without any fuss. You simply fill the water reservoir to the line and add 4-5 drops of your favorite oil or blend to the water and enjoy!.

When you use essential oils, you’re really using the most natural form of alternative medicine available. And essential oil diffusers are the best way to make sure that the oils are getting into your system.

Automatic Safety :Yes
Continuous Operation :4-5 hours Intermittent Operation :8-10 hours Light Mode
Solid or rotating color and off Power
AC adapter included, UL approved
Recommended Drops of Oil :5 to 10
Single Unit Dimensions :4.125″D x 5.25″H Single Unit Weight :1.05 lbs
Suggested Room Size :201-250 sq ft
Water Capacity :100 mL (3.38 fl oz)

Make sure to check out our 100% Pure Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends.  For Night Time relaxation Rob’s Night Time Blend is a must.

This beautiful Blue Handblown Glass Diffuser also comes in Blue.


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