..Our Story

Pure Joy Naturals is manufactured in Stanley, Manitoba just south of Winkler.

We found out that our needs were also the needs of so many others so these became our agenda. We are absolutely loving this journey and moving forward in so many ways.

Our Handmade Natural Products are for those who are encouraged to live a toxic free lifestyle.
We would like to show you our new UNSCENTED/ FRAGRANCE FREE product line. The great part is that for those who want to change it up, the instructions on how to add essential oils are on each bottle.
So….Fragrance Free for those who want and Orange, Lavender or whatever for those who choose.

We believe in giving back and helping our community by helping those in our community. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to do so. You also have the opportunity of helping others in the community. When you purchase our Pure Joy Naturals products we contribute a portion our business proceeds to a project called “Community of Kindness”. This projects helps to support those who are in need right here at home.

Community of Kindness

What is Community of Kindness?

The Community of Kindness is a project fueled by sales of our Pure Joy Natural products. When you buy our quality products you can enjoy the natural benefits from each of them as well as support local charities and people in our community. We are grateful for your enthusiasm for this project and will continue to serve those in need.

Naturally yours,
Rob and Coral Fehr
Owners of Pure Joy Naturals

Where the magic happens!

Bottle Capping
up to 8,000 bottles a day
at Pure Joy HQ
Producing Product
we can produce up to 3,000 bottles of product in a day