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Blue Handblown Glass Diffuser.  It is individually crafted and no two are exactly the same. Another great find!  Beautiful rotating colors!

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Aquamarine Blue Handblown Glass

Automatic shut off :Yes
Continuous Operation :4-5 hours Intermittent Operation :8-10 hours Light Mode
Solid or rotating color and off Power
AC adapter included, UL approved
Recommended Drops of Oil :5 to 10
Single Unit Dimensions :4.125″D x 5.25″H Single Unit Weight :1.05 lbs
Suggested Room Size : 1,000 sq ft

Good news!

Diffusing just got better.

The purpose of diffusing essential oils into the air is 2-fold.  It adds a beautiful natural scent to the room and it cleans the air.  Many of the essential oils are proven to kill air born pathogens.  This is great news especially in the cold and flu season.

  • The instructions that are included in each diffuser box really are helpful and should be read.
  • The diffuser will NOT work properly if the water is filled above the water line.  Just under the water line is best.
  • Secure the top piece on so that the oils can be emitted.
  • The diffuser will stop diffusing if the white disk in the water reservoir is not cleaned on a regular basis.  True story.  A damp cotton swab will wipe this disk clean.
  • there are many settings for both the diffusing and lights.  Take time to look at these settings.
  • You will know that your diffuser is working great when a white puff of mist comes out the top.

For all questions, troubleshooting or comments here is the direct customer service number to call.

This has been set up for you to get your diffuser operating to maximum efficiency very very quickly with little to no down time.


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