DIY (do it yourself) Empty Containers


It’s all about the packaging!  Here are some really great choices.

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It’s all about the containers!  Receiving a handcrafted lotion or a customized essential oil blend in a beautiful container is a really great gift.  Here are some really great choices.

DIY means that you are creative and interested in “doing it yourself”.  Making your own natural products or essential oil blends will take your craft to a new level.

There has been a lot of alarm raised about the ingredients found in commercial beauty products. Many of them include ingredients that cause cancer, pollute the earth and that are just plain bad for us to use. This doesn’t concern me with products I make myself, because I know exactly what’s in it – often times I can eat the final product. Concerned about the products you’re using now? Check out Skin Deep, a database that lets you know exactly what’s in that jar of firming skin cream.

Many of you are learning that not just any container will do.

  • Essential oils need to be put in a stored in dark, colored, pharmaceutical glass bottles with orifice diffuser caps.
  • Creams are best made and stored in non-porous glass jars.
  • Ready to use roll on products work best when made and stored in glass roll on bottles.

Here are some containers for you to use to make your home grown products and gifts.  Be assured these are of top quality as we use these exact containers when we make and formulate our own products.

Choose from blue glass bottles and jars, inhaler tubes, measuring pipettes, glass droppers.


Massage oil – 8oz Fractionated coconut oil and 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil / 10 drops frankincense essential oil.  Great for end of the day aches and pains.  Enjoy!

Here is a good article on reasons to make your own products.  There is some good recipes too.


10ml Essential Oil bottle/cap, 10ml Roll On Bottle, 120ml Bottle/lotion pump, 250ml Bottle PET plastic with atomizer, 30ml Bottle with glass dropper, 60ml Bottle/atomizer, Inhaler tube empty