Lip Balm (100% natural) Beeswax


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Lip balm for winter, summer, spring and fall!  Did you know that beeswax has a natural spf of about 15?
Beeswax is often used in lip balms because it’s antibacterial, an antioxidant, and an anti-inflammatory substance. It also gives lip balms the perfect texture.

  • Natural Lip Balm –  Unscented/fragrance free.  No essential oils added.  Just 100% natural ingredients.
  • Sweet Orange Lip Balm – 100% natural ingredients including sweet orange essential oil.  Smells like a fresh orange.
  • Tea Tree/Peppermint Lip Balm – 100% natural ingredients including Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils.  Great to use for cold sores or chapped lips.

Ingredients: Beeswax, sunflower oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera, 100% Pure Joy Naturals Essential Oils:  Sweet Orange or Tea Tree/Peppemint.

FYI:  Like the rest of your skin, your lips also have three layers — the difference is that the stratum corneum on your lips is far thinner than it is anywhere else on your body. Your lips also don’t have any sebaceous glands — these glands keep your skin moisturized, but your lips are on their own. Their only source of moisture is your saliva, and that’s why they can easily become dry and chapped

If your lips are cracked and in need of some extra care try the all natural Herbal Salve.   Herbal Salve is an ointment made with 100% natural ingredients.  Our Pure Joy Naturals salve is made from an oil base and is most effective when applied at night time before bed.  Salves soothe and heal areas of the body that are dry, irritated, burned, or wounded.  Natural ingredients promote the healing process and reduce discomfort in the area being treated.  Our Herbal Salve contains over 7 natural antibiotics which exceeds any other ointment ingredient list on the market.

Helpful hint:  When you are applying moisturizer or Herbal Salve don’t go around your lips.  Apply right over your face and lips for best results.

Here is some information on the physiology of the lips and mouth.  Interesting!

Essential Oil Choice

Fragrance Free, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree / Mint