Facial and Body Rose Beauty Mist 120mL


Facial and Body Rose Beauty Mist 120mL

A beautiful face and body mist that is simply pure and fresh.

Provides aromatherapy: Rose Absolute is one of the most beautiful scents in aromatherapy.  It is uplifting and really beautiful.

3 in1 effects: Protection, Nourishment, and Anti-Photo aging effects in one product.

Reduces effects of pollution: It combats environmental damage, increases collagen, and keeps natural moisture in place.

Moisturizes skin: A smooth, soft look.

Revive your skin: Restore your skin’s health. It strives to prevent adverse effects and provide your skin with the nutrients, leaving it radiant, refreshing, and healthy.

Ingredients:  Distilled water, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Extract, Colloidal Silver, Solubizer

Directions: Pick your Rose face mist. Close your eyes and spray from 11-12 inches away on your face for hydrated skin and a refreshing feel.