Vetiver Essential Oil 18mL


Pure Joy Naturals Essential Oils are pure, undiluted, and third party tested. Suppliers have organic certification, ensuring the oils are regulated during the growing, harvesting, and production process. We have Certified Aromatherapists and Clinical Aromatherapists on staff to ensure that you receive only the best of the best.  

If you like Patchouli you will really like Vetiver 100% Pure Joy Naturals Essential Oil. It resembles a soft patchouli with a hint of lemon.
Vetiver 100% Pure Joy Naturals essential Oil is one of our favorite essential oils. Personally, we use it because it is very very calming for the nerves.

Vetiver essential oil is traditionally used for alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hysteria, trauma, and panic attacks. We use this essential oil for both children and adults to help focus and relaxation.

Vetiver essential oil is very important and well known in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, West Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia as a medicinal aromatic plant.

These countries use vetiver treat back and joint pain, sprains, fever, and scars. It is also used in medical emergencies like snake bites, scorpion stings, wounds, and burns. In addition, vetiver is a traditional treatment for headaches, bladder infections, malaria, arthritis, muscle aches, and gout.  Good to know in case you ever get bit by a scorpion 🙂

Botanical Name: Vetiveria Zizanoides
Plant Part: Root
Origin: Indonesia
Processing Method: Steam distilled
Description / Color / Consistency: Has a medium consistency, and is a brown to reddish brown liquid.
Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A base note with a strong aroma, has an earthy, woody scent characteristic of oils derived from roots, with a rich note that is popular in products designed for men.

Blends With: Cedarwood, Chamomile, Frankincense, Ginger, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Spikenard, Vanilla, and Ylang-ylang.

Product Abstract: Vetiver Essential Oil is distilled from the roots of a grass used in India and Sri Lanka for the creation of woven matting. It is used in and aromatherapy and massage therapy, in skin-care products, and as a base note in perfumery. The word vetiver comes from the Tamil word that means ‘hatcheted up’, a description of the way in which the roots are collected.

Cautions: DO NOT DRINK essential oils. Dilute before use; may cause skin irritation in some individuals, so a skin test is recommended prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For best results Diffuse or use topically with a carrier oil.

Pure Joy Naturals provides this essential oils guide for educational purposes only and not as medical advice. Please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner or resource on essential oil uses, safety and precautions for all essential oils.