Love this necklace, put oil on in the morning and the scent lasts all day, it’s wonderful:)

Angie – Necklace, Aromatherapy, Clay

…what a great uplifting blend …


Thank you Coral for all of this info. I am fascinated with essential oils and their natural healing properties but struggle to know how to use them. I look forward to hearing more and maybe even taking the courses.


This mat is amazing. I literally cannot stop showing it off to everyone who has come by my house. I even took it camping. I have a back injury which has damaged my nerves and it has really helped eased the muscles around the surgical site and more. I love that it came from MB as well! Great craftsmanship.

Emma – Acupressure Mat

I didn’t believe you Coral, but you were right! This stuff works! No odor after a long day of activity. (Nuscht, nichts, nada, nothin’)

Sheila –  NUSCHT Magnesium Deodorant Body Spray

How great Coral! Congratulations to both you and Rob on qualifying. Thanks so much for all this information. I love the extensive detail in this article. Keep up the great work!


Love the Tea Tree & Lemongrass deodorant. It has a fresh, clean scent and works really well to minimize odor. Occasionally, I’ll apply it a second time throughout the day for extra protection.

Sheila – Deodorants

I’ve never been able to use deodorants because they would burn my armpits. I tried other natural products but most didn’t work for me. So i would have to just use deo and deal with the burn or stink. But this stuff is great! Tried it one day last summer and have used it every day since. Works better than deodorant and gentle on the skin.


Love this deoderant! It works great, leaves skin feeling soothed and never leaves any residue. Smells amazing as well!

Shelby – Deodorants

We have been using this for years! It’s very soothing!

Teresaw – Muscle & Body Rub Icy Hot

Love this product. I buy it for friends and they love it too and switch over to this product. It works well, and it smells good. So glad to be able to use something natural that actually works and smells good.

Gaetane – Deodorants

Another product I love. Such peace of mind knowing that I am not rubbing all kinds of harmful ingredients into my skin. It’s a keeper!

Margaret – Deodorants

Love this Lavender Essential Oil! A couple drops and our whole apartment spells amazing. It has relaxed our daughter for night many times. Thank you for your amazing products!

Margaret – Lavender Essential Oil 10ML

very good medication for back pain.

Pierrette Bechard – Muscle & Body Rub Icy Hot

I have been using the Tea Tree and Lemongrass deodorant blend since the Corn and Apple Festival and am really liking it. I am definitely wanting to another one to replace it when it runs out. It definitely works. I do tend to apply it twice a day, once in the morning, and then again sometime throughout the day. Besides, it just smells good.

Lynn Powell